In an ideal case, the right and the left side of the brain do not usually work simultaneously. One side of the brain is always favored. Whole brain synchronization is an interesting and unusual function of the human brain. It occurs when the left and right side of the brain start working together.

Coordination at the same frequency is what is achieved by the left and right side of the brain when this synchronization occurs. During synchronization, the neuronal cells conduct electrical activity much more rapidly than usual, and this is manifested in increased functioning of the brain.

Brain synchronization is an unusual event because it is not a common level of function of the brain. However, there are certain times when it occurs for most people. Scientists say that it may occur when going through a creative moment.

For further research, scientists have tried to create conditions favorable for brain synchronization. The development is achieved through stimulation of the brain to conduct more nerve impulses in the neuronal cells.

In order to do this, the brain can be trained through audio techniques. There are some music frequencies that can achieve whole brain synchronization. It can also be achieved when the brain is completely relaxed or experiencing pleasure.

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